Film Night Fundraiser PDA October 2017

Peace and Diversity Australia (PDA) is putting on a fundraiser on Thursday October 26, to raise funds for the ongoing support of the women’s savings and loans project we have been partnering for several years. We have recently added a health component to the project and the funds raised will be used to support this area.

The fundraiser is a film …


Indigenous Governance Report for first six months of 2015


PDA has continued to support indigenous governance by providing financial support to the Management Committee of the organisation.  Seven members work on a volunteer basis for 12 months and carry out activities including:

assisting to provide legal support to those who have had their rights violated,
speaking out against human rights violations,
continuing to support the survivors of the 1997 massacre in their …


Example of the success of the women’s bank


The interest paid by the women’s loans in 2013/14 went back into the women’s overall bank account to pay for more women to enter the program. As a result of the interest paid 15 more women from the community of Ahorra Esquipula entered into the loans program for 2014/15. The women from this community used the money to …


Women’s Empowerment Report

In spite of the ongoing challenges faced by the women of the Bees, the ninety-six women in the women’s bank that PDA is supporting have continued to organise themselves to support their families and the organisation, and to stand up for their rights.  Highlights of the report include:

Action on International Women’s Day on March 8 where they marched to one …


Women’s Education Centre

For a number of years now the women with whom PDA have been working have said that they need their own space where they can hold their own meetings, run their own training and education workshops and have a safe and secure place where they can stay overnight when needed. Up until now the women have had to borrow different …


PDA 10 year anniversary dinner

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who attended the PDA Ten Year Anniversary Dinner that was held at Newman College in February 2015. Thanks also to Newman College, the Jesuit community for hosting this event, those who helped out on the night and those who generously donated auction items. It was a great night and we raised a total …


Robyn Gray walks in Solidarity with Mayan Women

After watching The Bees Women’s Bank documentary film in April 2013, Robyn Gray, wife of PDA founding member Andrew Gray, was so inspired by the women of The Bees that she decided to do something substantial to support the women’s cause. That something substantial developed into a plan to walk 300 kms as part of the Camino Santiago walk which Robyn will …


Current Issues Facing Las Abejas

The government of Chiapas is proposing a hydroelectric dam which Las Abejas believe will be detrimental to the local environment and will bring rapid development and commercialization to the area; devastating local communities.

Free Rivers = Healthy Communities

The rivers have life and soul, they should not be dammed for big business. Don’t let the CFE fool you!

The government also continue to …


International Women’s Day

This year the women of Las Abejas gathered on International Women’s Day to speak out against the injustice experienced by women and girls in their communities.  They marched from a nearby military base (a constant source of violence and intimidation) to Acteal, the site of the 1997 massacre.   The group were accompanied by hundreds of supporters from all over the world.  The …


Women’s Bank Update

In each community the Women’s Bank pool their savings combined with the contributions made by PDA and work collectively on small productive projects.  Late last year PDA’s in country Program Coordinator Martina visited a number of communities to see how the Women’s Banks are going and the types of productive projects the women are developing.

Many of the communities have purchased chooks …