URGENT – 15 families seek refuge due to counter insurgency warfare

Fifteen families have been forceably displaced from their homes and land in the community of Puebla in Chenalho.  The families have been violently attacked, had their houses burnt down by local paramilitary groups.  Despite numerous attempts to seek a peaceful resolution they have received no protection of support from local authorities.  Left with no other option the families have sought …


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So, why did we decide to have only one child? I suppose it’s

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CrossFit gyms are individually owned and managed

General Portfolio OutlineChoosing what to include in your portfolio can be difficult because there are no definite rules or instructions, so it’s something that only you can really decide. Most art programs will request artworks that fall into 3 different categories; observational art, personal art or a home exam. Sometimes only works from one of these categories is required, whereas …


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What Does It canada goose coats Mean When A Husband Says He Needs Time Apart To Think

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Memory recedes to the background and what remains is the

Canada Goose Jackets Some may argue that UN resolutions and the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) preclude the annexation of the Golan, which Israel occupied 32 years ago. However, Lavrov’s map guaranteed for Israel a neutralized front with Russian, US, and international guarantees. It has also provided reassurances that no serious Syrian demand will henceforth be made for restoring the …