Indigenous Governance Report for first six months of 2015


PDA has continued to support indigenous governance by providing financial support to the Management Committee of the organisation.  Seven members work on a volunteer basis for 12 months and carry out activities including:

  • assisting to provide legal support to those who have had their rights violated,
  • speaking out against human rights violations,
  • continuing to support the survivors of the 1997 massacre in their struggle for justice,
  • informing their members about regional and national issues that are affecting them and
  • promoting and defending the rights of women.

PDA provided $5,000 dollars for the first six months of 2015. In their six monthly report they said, ‘thanks to PDA and to the men and women who have supported us morally and economically so that we can continue with our struggle in search of justice and the construction of autonomy.’ Full narrative here… Mesa Directiva Six monthly report August 2015.