Current Issues Facing Las Abejas

The government of Chiapas is proposing a hydroelectric dam which Las Abejas believe will be detrimental to the local environment and will bring rapid development and commercialization to the area; devastating local communities.

Free Rivers = Healthy Communities

The rivers have life and soul, they should not be dammed for big business. Don’t let the CFE fool you!

The government also continue to …


International Women’s Day

This year the women of Las Abejas gathered on International Women’s Day to speak out against the injustice experienced by women and girls in their communities.  They marched from a nearby military base (a constant source of violence and intimidation) to Acteal, the site of the 1997 massacre.   The group were accompanied by hundreds of supporters from all over the world.  The …


Women’s Bank Update

In each community the Women’s Bank pool their savings combined with the contributions made by PDA and work collectively on small productive projects.  Late last year PDA’s in country Program Coordinator Martina visited a number of communities to see how the Women’s Banks are going and the types of productive projects the women are developing.

Many of the communities have purchased chooks …