Robyn Gray walks in Solidarity with Mayan Women

After watching The Bees Women’s Bank documentary film in April 2013, Robyn Gray, wife of PDA founding member Andrew Gray, was so inspired by the women of The Bees that she decided to do something substantial to support the women’s cause. That something substantial developed into a plan to walk 300 kms as part of the Camino Santiago walk which Robyn will set off on Monday September 9. By sponsoring Robyn on her walk your support will go directly to supporting The Bees Women’s Bank and the many inspiring projects that it is facilitating.


To watch the documentary head to


To support Robyn’s efforts and help her reach the finish line by your inspiring donation, please see the various options.

$1 per Kilometre  = $300

50 cents per Kilometre  = $150

10 cents per Kilometre  = $30

5 cents per kilometre = $15    Please email us when you donate and Robyn will update you during the walk.


For more on the projects that aim to empower the women of Acteal, Chiapas, Mexico see