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Could my baby have diabetes? She had attended her wellness check up only the week before and they told me she was healthy. How could she have died from a disease that I know thousands of people manage?those of you who do not know an average person blood sugar should not be above 100 and my child was five times …


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Tent the pan with foil and let the chicken rest for 10 minutes

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SSRI’s are the only thing that got me out of my long term

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canada goose This is not a thing. Completely untrue. Basically, the courts provide wide leeway for corporate officers to make decisions on behalf of the company without the interference or opinion taking of shareholders. canada goose

Basically, if you as the shareholder don like the decisions made by the company leadership, either divest or take control of the board.

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An app called Moment can track how much time you spend on your

Their stuff is in our cupboards and under our bed obviously we’re not allowed to touch it or know what it is. Feels like we’re paying for their storage sometimes, really.What’s it like living with Jethro?Amazing. I’ve hated every flatshare I’ve been in I’ve lived with druggies, hoarders and a doctor who padlocked her bedroom.

Are you a decisive person? If …


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Add something for profit, let say 20%. Round up to the next $10. There a ballpark figure.If the number you get seems too high, you probably suffering from imposter syndrome, but here something a little less. Get over yourself and quit being jealous of a thread Tabitha has and trying to make it about how much of a hard ass …


Thats the problem, they are trying to impact you

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