Anniversary of the Massacre of Acteal

22nd December 2013 marks the 16th anniversary of the massacre of Acteal.  Las Abejas continue to fight for justice for events 16 years ago but also for the on going violations of human human rights committed by the Mexican government.  Follow the link below to hear from the Las Abejas Board of Directors about the numerous challenges they continue to …


Detailed Account of Events Leading to the Displacement of Families in Puebla


Dissemination Cencos Mexico City, Friday August 23, 2013

Press Release The Bees 

Today August 22, we gathered again in this sacred land where paramilitaries massacred 45 adults and 4 unborn babies that has left an incurable wound on our people.  The government violence that led to this horrific event was only stopped when our 49 brothers and …


Over 100 People Gather in Support of Displaced Families

Over 100 people from all over the world gathered in Acteal in solidarity of the families who have been displaced as a result of threats and violence in the community of Puebla.


Press Release in Support of our Displaced Brothers and Sisters

Facing the circulation of misinformation surrounding the displacement of families from the community of Puelbla and the local authorities failure …


URGENT – 15 families seek refuge due to counter insurgency warfare

Fifteen families have been forceably displaced from their homes and land in the community of Puebla in Chenalho.  The families have been violently attacked, had their houses burnt down by local paramilitary groups.  Despite numerous attempts to seek a peaceful resolution they have received no protection of support from local authorities.  Left with no other option the families have sought …


A Woodcut mural remembering Acteal, Chiapas

The Justseeds Artist Collective traveled to Acteal to collaborate with Las Abejas to create woodcut murals in memory of the brothers and sisters lost in the 1997 massacre.  To hear more about their experience and see photos of the stunning murals check out the Justseeds blog here


Letter from the women of The Bees

Hear about how the savings bank is impacting the lives of the women of The Bees;

Letter from the Coordinators of the Women’s Savings Bank.

 April 9, 2013

Good morning from Mexico and good night in Australia to the board of PDA and to all those present.

We the women of The Bees send our warmest regards to all of you men and …