Letter from the women of The Bees

Hear about how the savings bank is impacting the lives of the women of The Bees;

Letter from the Coordinators of the Women’s Savings Bank.

 April 9, 2013

Good morning from Mexico and good night in Australia to the board of PDA and to all those present.

We the women of The Bees send our warmest regards to all of you men and women and your son’s and daughters.

We hope you enjoy the film we have made about our struggle for our rights and our work to improve our lives and that of our children.

We are very pleased with what we are doing. We have just started working with collective loans where the women’s groups have been able to buy pigs, chickens and cattle that we will later sell when they grow up and this will give us some money to support our families to help us buy things like corn and medicines. This support is very important because we women from The Bees do not accept Government handouts.

The support that you people have given us has helped us a lot.

Thank you for supporting us in our struggle to build a better world.

This is our word. We hope that you will continue to support us in our work we the women of The Bees will continue in the pursuit of peace and a just life for all.

Yours sincerely from the coordinators of the women’s savings bank,

Guadalupe Vázquez Pérez

María Elena Pérez Gómez


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