You spreading the lies CEOs need to explain why canada goose

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canada goose This is not a thing. Completely untrue. Basically, the courts provide wide leeway for corporate officers to make decisions on behalf of the company without the interference or opinion taking of shareholders. canada goose

Basically, if you as the shareholder don like the decisions made by the company leadership, either divest or take control of the board.

The nonsense you talking about is 1980s cheap canada goose corporate raider self justification that has never held in court cases, and frankly is now just an excuse by the corporate leadership themselves to justify their own shitty behavior. You spreading the lies CEOs need to explain why canada goose clothing uk they act sociopathically.

buy canada goose jacket Honestly, this is the most naive but heartwarming idea of how the US government works and how the world works. And it so incredibly, completely wrong. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday The US justice system was designed to establish a single, unified interpretation of the common law, and create canada goose uk kensington parka a precedent to which future courts could look to for guidance in making their current rulings. This system is inherent backward looking, and therefore inherently conservative. By conservative, I do not mean the political leaning, but towards the fact that courts tend to conserve the decisions of the past. The decisions of the past are not inherently logical, nor are they especially wise, nor are canada goose outlet in uk they guided by science in any consistent manner. The decisions of the future are therefore influenced by the decisions made today, and therefore if, as the Republicans have been successful in doing, you stuff the courts with people who think like you today, the decisions of the future will reflect the Republican leaning decisions of today. canada goose uk black friday

cheap Canada Goose Second, the idea that we elect our governments is true insofar canada goose outlet store winnipeg as we put in ballots, but the politicians we elect are puppets who bow to higher masters the ultra wealthy. The ultra wealthy therefore decide how the government operates, what is a priority, and what is allowed. For most Americans, we get W2s from work, so the government already knows how much we make, canada goose outlet and how much we withheld, and therefore has a pretty good idea of what we owe. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets You are a good person to think the way you do, but unfortunately, being good canada goose leeds uk is not a useful trait in today society. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale See, I know that there good and responsible gun owners out there. One of my closest and oldest friends is now an NYPD officer and he has a number of guns, all locked in in a gun safe, of course. I trust him with guns. I feel like I could trust you with guns. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale But there are a lot of stupid fucks out there, and I do not trust them with guns. A lot of stupid fucks. Think about how stupid the people you see driving can be. I think that we both can agree that your idiot neighbors should not be allowed to own guns just as some idiots should not be allowed to canada goose outlet official drive. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Online So rather than have to roll very fucking lethal dice every time I come across someone with a gun, I’d rather everyone not have a gun so that I am not killed by a fucking idiot. Canada Goose Online

Agreed. He a fucking moron. And this is the key problem with democracy: letting stupid people vote isn a good idea. After 30+ years of the internet, I think we can all agree that no, they will not reproduce Shakespeare. In fact, the best they done is Twilight, the Trump of literature.