Their roundish shape is standing out now against the sky

Celebrating the best of our winter wildlife

uk canada goose The sub zero temperatures and snowy hills of the Brecon Beacons provide the perfect backdrop for Chris Packham, Kate Humble and Martin Hughes Games to reveal how the UK’s wildlife is faring this winter. In a one off, winter special the Springwatch and Autumnwatch team celebrate the best of our winter wildlife and discover how it survives through these harsh months. uk canada goose

canada goose store Chris, Kate, Martin and friends have been out and about across the country, from freezing mountaintops, cheap canada goose online icy lakes and stormy seashores, to bring you the most dramatic and remarkable seasonal stories. They show that winter is far from dead and boring cheap canada goose in fact, it’s a time of fascination, beauty and spectacle so they urge you to get out and see for yourself. canada goose store

The mild winter weather followed by recent plummeting temperatures are setting a real challenge; the team find out how our plants and animals are adapted to the season and what we can do to help them through our most challenging season.

We might be feeling the cold, but for millions of birds from northern and eastern Europe our shores are positively tropical so vast flocks of waders and wildfowl migrate to Britain every winter. Chris and Martin visit the south coast to discover why so many birds find our estuaries irresistible and enjoy the stunning spectacles these winter gatherings provide.

Meanwhile, Michaela Strachan reports from South Africa, where millions of swallows have arrived from the UK and beyond to escape the northern winter altogether. Charlie Hamilton James finds out why otter cubs are around at this time of year and finds canada goose shop review them in a rather unusual place whilst Kate heads to an idyllic Welsh river to enjoy great views of dippers. Maya Plass shows Martin that our coastline and beaches can be fascinating spots to explore in winter and helps to solve a curious marine mystery on a Devon beach.

canada goose factory sale The team also report on a surprising influx of owls, find out why the ptarmigan could be the UK’s toughest bird and encourage everyone to listen to the dawn chorus in their garden at this time of year. As the very first glimmers of spring emerge, Chris looks at how certain plants are uniquely adapted to emerge early and capitalise on the first opportunities of spring’s arrival. As always, the team answers viewers’ questions, feature some of their spectacular wintry photos and provide some canada goose protest uk top tips on helping our wildlife at this time of year. canada goose factory sale

canada goose coats on sale The team prove that, if you wrap up warm, there’s plenty to see and do in our countryside this winter. If you know how and where to look, winter can be truly glorious. and spring is closer than you might think! canada goose coats on sale

Winterwatch: Wednesday 22nd February 2012 at 9pm on BBC Two and the BBC HD channel.

canada goose black friday sale Tim Scoones is the Executive Producer of Winterwatch canada goose black friday sale

Comment number 1. At canada goose outlet mall 00:22 19th Feb 2012, Katherine Birkett wrote: Can’t wait BRING IT ON!

During the snowy spell just over, I was successful in attracting Fieldfares to my garden, with three visitors feeding on apples, pears and fat balls on February 12th. Two Common Gulls also paid a visit that day. My Garden Bird Species list is now 32. I am more than happy to help garden birds and put out more feeders, especially those that contained fat balls (netless), suet cakes and suet pellets.

The recent, slightly milder weather meant I could FINALLY get out to my local RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh this afternoon. Worth it as well, as I saw what the volunteers think is a Kumlien’s Gull. The sheer number of birds on the reserve appear to confirm that this is indeed an influx, especially with regard to Wigeon, Lapwing, Teal, Golden Plover and Brent Goose. Two of the Black Brant subspecies of Brent joined the regular flocks.

As for winter owls, the best place to see Short eareds in Lincolnshire is to me, Worlaby Carrs. This is in the north of the county, a few miles east of Scunthorpe. One person counted nine there at the same time!

Canada Goose Parka That said, a few of the Black headed Gulls are beginning to show the first signs of their summery black hoods, I’ve seen the first mating of the year (Collared Dove) and Great Crested Grebes at Frampton have begun their head bobbing courtship routines. By the end of next month, I might have seen my first swallow; my earliest date in the year record is March 30th. Keeping my fingers crossed for a bout of southerlies!!!! Canada Goose Parka

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Comment number 2. At 13:35 19th Feb 2012, Bill wrote: Here is a tip for wildlife watching later this spring that I brought back from my walk on the Sussex Border Path yesterday:

If you want to watch squirrels doing something other than stealing from bird feeders or trying to find their nuts in the park now is the time of year to spot their dreys canada goose coats uk in the forks of leafless deciduous trees where the females will be bringing up their young later in the spring. Their roundish shape is standing out cheap canada goose now against the sky. If you make a mental note of where they are now it will be easier to spot them again later in the year when the leaf canopy takes this contrast away.

If you look for them on wooded slopes, for instance the “hangers” on the steep sides of the North and South Downs or the Greensand ridge and canada goose outlet black friday the High Weald are similar areas in the South East that I know you might find ones you can observe comfortably close to eye level.

This kind of thinking ahead can also be used for watching bird species that re use the previous years’ nests. Perhaps there is still time for a piece on identifying these in our leafless treetops on Wednesday’s programme.

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Canada Goose Jackets Comment number 4. At 14:35 21st Feb 2012, naturestimeline wrote: Hi Messrs Humble, Packham and Hughes Games, Canada Goose Jackets

Like others, I cannot wait for the programme to air and a decent night’s entertainment is in store with Bees, Butterflies and Blooms preceding yours.

Winter in my region has been excessively dry with average to mild Temperatures overall. Other than the first twelve days of February being icy cold and snowy, the winter weather in my patch at least, was rather mundane in my opinion. Nevertheless, I run a UK based Phenology blog whose enterprising title is naturestimeline. On there, you can find a plethora of geek type posts, which indicate a rather different idea of how the winter season unfolded.