The Bees

In their own words:

  • “The Bees are a social and political organization that are distinguished by our method of struggle: Nonviolence.
  • We were born in the year 1992, to defend the human rights of the Indigenous Peoples of Chiapas and in the whole of Mexico.
  • Our members, over four hundred families from twenty-seven communities, are rural farmers from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, mostly Tsotziles, of the Mayan Nation.
  • We fight for justice, peace and democracy; we demand the fulfilment of the Agreements of San Andrés.[1]
  • We defend our lands and territory against the megaprojects of the transnational companies supported by the government.
  • We call ourselves The Bees because of the way we work and organise ourselves. Bees spread the work in the production of honey… just like these animals of the mountains we work together and everything is for everyone. Also although the bee is only small, it has a big sting.”[2]

For further information see History of The Bees and The Bees own website at:


[1] These were agreements on Indigenous Rights and Culture which the Mexican Government signed in 1996 but never implemented.

[2] Abejas Strategic Plan 2012