Lots of tapes of some of the most mean spirited bands Canada

DGML member game stats archive

Mental Disorders: Extremely protective of his books

Skills: official canada canada goose store goose outlet Art (Appreciate Bagpipe Music) 90%, Art (Play Duke Nukem 3D) 69%, Art (Sing) 0%, Art (Tell Politically Incorrect Jokes) 85%, Astronomy canada goose uk black friday 5%, Biology 16%, Chemistry 12%, Computer Use 18%, Credit Rating 25%, Cthulhu canada goose outlet jackets Mythos 40%, Dodge 67%, Drive Auto 45%, History 50%, Library Use 69%, Listen 55% canada goose outlet online (5% when reading), canada goose outlet sale Literature 45%, Mathematics 10%, Occult 20%, Other Language (English) 68%, Other Language (German) 19%, canada goose outlet store uk Own Language (Swedish) 90%, Persuade 55%, Physics 10%, Sneak 30%, Sports Trivia 0%, Spot Hidden 40% (5% without glasses or when absentminded), Swim 35%, Useless Trivia (B Movies, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Lovecraft) 95%.

Equipment: Backpack, papers, pencils, pens, boring books on translation theory and Swedish grammar, Swedish driver’s licence, usually canada goose uk outlet at least one good book to read on the bus and during breaks.

Equipment at home: Collection of videofilms (mostly lightweight entertainment), CD collection (bagpipe music and even less mentionable stuff),

RPGs (Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, GURPS Discworld, Blue Planet), book collection (954 volumes, mostly Sci Fi and Fantasy).

Appearance: 1.83 77 kilos, very short light brownish hair, blue eyes, usually unshaven, wears glasses, jeans, long sleeved shirt, sneakers.

Notes: canada goose outlet new york city A nice fellow, if somewhat shy and quiet. Can be very boring and easily gives an impression of egocentricity. Because he is at heart a scholar and theoretician, he is incompetent at using technology he hates cell phones and answering machines, and is barely computer literate. Violently allergic to horses, slightly less allergic to cats, dogs, and work. Nearly eidetic memory for things he finds interesting; thus he can quote Lovecraft’s poem “Nemesis” verbatim, but he can’t remember the score of yesterday’s soccer match, or even which teams played. Will under no circumstances lend a book to a friend in need, unless he can be 110% certain it will be returned in the same condition. Sometimes signs his name “A. E. Martin Andersson”, to make it look a bit more interesting.

Uses as NPC: https://www.baertakreation.de Almost nonexistent. Completely useless in a fight, because he is so clumsy that he would only hurt himself. However, his passion for all things Lovecraftian could be of some use (he can always amaze his friends with all kinds of useless trivia about HPL and the Cthulhu Mythos), and he can read Late Medieval Swedish after a fashion (though his actual ability to translate it is not very good). Because of his less than sparkling personality and unobtrusive manner he is very difficult to notice, and would therefore make an excellent spy or eavesdropper. He is very protective of his own skin and would never do anything dangerous or illegal, canada goose coats but threatening to take away his books could possibly work miracles. In any case, he could be used as cannon fodder.

Ethnicity: Various Caucazoid, irrelevant as most of my “identifiably ethnic” relatives were long dead before I was around

STR, DEX canada goose factory sale somewhat above average 13yr. old. Damned shame considering I’m 26.

CON:Average. I get sick a lot because of some acid reflux nonsense, but on the other hand, I’ve taken shots to the face and groin that would shock trauma a lesser canada goose black friday sale fella. I’m hard like a Rock Em Sock Em Robot, but I puke canada goose outlet store a lot. Kind of a lifestyle tradeoff.

APP: Depends on ya preference, baby. About 10, maybe.

EDU: Umm, I go to a State School. This is my second swing through college. Not very promising, I’m afraid. To my credit, though, I’m really a lot more able at critical thought and introspection than many others. And I _think_ I know a lot 13 14?

SAN: Oh, I am so sane and grounded. You wouldn’t believe. 85 at least:)

Luck: My Dad’s side’s Scots Irish (AKA: “cattle thieves”), my Mom’s pan Euro Judaic (“running targets”). Oh, and we ended up in_ America_. 13%, maybe.

Money/Assets: Middle class white fella w/college diploma, and all of the intangibles that such brings terms of strict cash, though, I’m doing just fine as well. Numbers? None of your business.

History: Nothing in game useful, compared to some of the Renaissance men and women we have here, so forget it.

Useful Skills: I can correct written grammar and spelling mistakes really well. But so can a cheap word processor.

Equipment: Way to much dumb gamer stuff and comic books. Somewhat lighter collection of Real Literature. Lots of tapes of some of the cheap canada goose most mean spirited bands Canada Goose Coats On Sale ever ahead, ask me me about my musical preferences, I dare cheap canada goose ya. Aforementioned steelcaps. Jean jacket.

Other Game Notes: All canada goose outlet shop of the above is pointless, of course, serving only to briefly aggrandize canada goose factory outlet myself in my own eyes. In game, I wouldn’t be an NPC or a Masked Nemesis or whatever. The most prominent position I could realistically hope to achieve would be as “(yet another) dumb jerk who stayed around canada goose outlet uk sale long enough to see What Was Boiling Over the Horizon, was frozen in a rictus Canada Goose Parka of ecstasy and fear, and subsequently died of heart failure prior to being the First to be Trod Underfoot”.

However, assuming things went my way a little better, I might also be useful as “One Individual In An Incensed Mob sent by the devious DG Agents to disturb the everyday goings on at the Local Organization, which turns out to be front for the Karotechia Yuggoth cheap canada goose uk Boogie Down Azathoth Posse, and in the Turn of Events that follows, is Blasted Into Nothingness, but serves to Draw Out said cult as Being a Bad Thing, leading to the legitimate Arrest of said cult members”. Other than that, I’m of no use to a criminal conspiracy.