Joe pretty much convinced him he should get out of the house

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Reusse: There was the time a guy thought he was calling the station home and garden show, so we put the caller through. There had been a horrible cold spell and his roof was cracking and he wondered what he should do. Joe pretty much convinced him he should get out of the house before it collapses.

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The highly unusual advertisement featured photos of John F. Kennedy, King and Robert Kennedy, and read, “If enough men care deeply enough about each other, they can begin to reconstruct this world in a way that will benefit all human life. It will not be easy changing today’s atmosphere of violence; reaching those who govern our entertainment and media and convincing them of their need to enrich rather than to cheapen our society; persuading legislators that guns can kill; creating support throughout the world to bring the weapons of holocaust under control; and more important controlling the basic causes of war.