He says it time for the company to bring itself and its rare

The company has a close partnership with the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alta. And, at Korite Calgary office, experts can often be found painstakingly reassembling dinosaur skeletons or packing and labelling fossils for delivery to museums and private collectors around the globe.Maull says Korite is an Alberta success story a 100 per cent Canadian owned company that creates local employment and markets a one of a kind Alberta product around the globe. He says it time for the company to bring itself and its rare, exotic, multicoloured gemstones further into the spotlight..

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women’s jewelry ENID London are representing the new LA based production company, Chromista, in both London and Amsterdam. Chromista has been set up by Academy Award nominated director of Black Swan Darren Aronofsky together with executive producers Ted Robbins and Sandy Haddad, and the company has already embarked on projects with Ogilvy and DDB. Rounding out the CHROMISTA directorial roster are Kasra Farahani, Daniel Portrait of Kamp Grizzly, Xavier Mairesse (shortlisted for the AICP Show this year), and Walter May. women’s jewelry

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