Got to Edmonds last Friday at 12:45 PM and it was already

I was actually doing it. It was during this excitement that I saw itthe blue pole telling us how far we had run. Eyes wide, I exclaimed, “what?!” Complete disbelief as I read one mile.. In the end, Seltzer concluded that only 22 of the 209 people he tested in Robeson possessed one half or more “Indian blood” and thus qualified for some federal benefits. (In some cases, Seltzer decided that one sibling had the required “blood quantum” and the other sibling did not.) Once the federal government offered some individual benefits to the “Original 22,” they broke off from the Lumbee to form their own political organization. And in 1956 Congress did pass the Lumbee Act, which acknowledged the indigenous people of Robeson County as Indians and called them by the name they had chosen for themselves.

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