Georgia has a similar effort

Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and mustard in a medium bowl; set aside. Pulse the rice cereal in a food processor to make fine crumbs. Heat 1/4 cup vegetable oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. President Trump has repeatedly denounced Woodward’s book, calling the veteran journalist an “idiot” and his work a piece of “fiction.”Woodward has consistently said he stands behind his reporting on Trump’s actions.”He was there and said these things and did these things,” Woodward tells Morning Edition host Rachel Martin.The book also depicts staffers and advisers as condemning the president behind his back and actively working to stymie some of his actions, even hiding documents from Trump.Several prominent figures in the book have denied quotes that Woodward attributes to them. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis denies saying that Trump acted like a fifth or sixth grader while discussing North Korea, and chief of staff John Kelly denied calling Trump “an idiot.”Woodward stands by his reporting, telling NPR he attributes the denials to “political necessity.””You crank out the great Washington denial machine,” he says. “I’ve seen this over the years, going back to the Nixon case.” (Woodward’s source for the Watergate scandal, Mark Felt, denied for years that he was, in fact, “Deep Throat.”)”Time and time again people will deny things,” Woodward says.

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