From a valuation stand point it is probably trading at may be

WATTERS: We still can do that. And the rest of the people are afraid to talk about other people’s appearance because they may be being accused of being insensitive. Donald Trump has never been afraid of being called insensitive, right. Need to know: Tony La Russa might not have been loved by everyone in baseball during his three decades as a manager, but you can be damn sure he was respected, for his innovation highly paid closers everywhere owe him a daily debt of gratitude and relentlessness in the dugout. He won his first World Series title with a dominant team (his A won 99 games in 1989) and his next one with an underdog team (his 2006 Cardinals won just 83) and his third one with a team that just refused to quit (his 2011 Cardinals were down to their final strike twice in Game 6). They were all perfectly unique reflections of the complicated manager that was Tony La Russa.

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