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Based Oracle Fundamentals

Iwaited nearly three years after the first cover to cover read through of this book, and two years after the second cover to cover read through of this book to write this cheap canada goose uk review just uk canada goose outlet in case Canada Goose Outlet my opinion of the book changed. I enjoyed the first pass through the book, but became increasingly concerned as just weeks earlier I had migrated the most critical database at the company from Oracle to It seemed every turn of the page brought new understanding of what could have gone wrong during and after the migration, not only what might happen, but also most importantly WHY it might happen. Appendix A of the book quickly summarizes what one might expect when moving from one database release to another that section of buy canada goose jacket the book, for me, was worth several times the price of the book. I might also http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com add that this book provided the tools and techniques necessary to troubleshoot and resolve a session crashing issue triggered by the application of the October 2006 patch for, as well as another odd problem which appeared when OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE was set to a value greater than canada goose store the second read through of the book I found a number of extremely useful pieces of information which were somehow missed during the previous pass through the book (I recorded much more detailed notes the second time). buy canada goose jacket cheap A brief sampling of some of the more personally useful Canada Goose Parka pieces of information from the book:The canada goose uk outlet filter lines in 10053 traces and XPLANS can show implicit conversions from varchar to number. (It also shows when a commercially developed program repeatedly defines bind variables as VARCHAR2 when those bind variables should have been defined as numeric.)Bind variable peeking is not used with explain plan or autotrace. (Believing explain plans for SQL statements with bind variables seems to be a common problem on Oracle related forums.)In an execution plan, the Canada Goose Online access predicates show the predicates used to generate Canada Goose Jackets the start canada goose uk shop and stop keys for the index, but the filter predicates show the predicates that cannot be used until the leaf blocks have been reached. (That why my query is running slow slapping hand to forehead.)OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ reduces the cost of single block reads, which tends to reduce the tendency of excessive tablescans. The downside is that due to rounding errors, Canada Goose online the optimizer may decide to use the wrong index. (I have seen this happen, Oracle decides to use an index with just two distinct values, rather than a high precision index with many distinct values the primary key index.)Constraints on tables can generate additional predicates due to transitive closure. (That were those access and filter predicates came from variable peeking can introduce poor execution plans if a typical value is not specified for bind variables on the first hard parse. (Such as a commercial product submitting NULL values for the bind variables values during the initial hard parse, followed by extremely unpopular values, followed by somewhat popular values in a tight loop, causing performance problems.)With the evolution of the optimizer, Oracle is increasingly likely to eliminate subqueries by using various transformations. (Hence the reason why code that ran slowly against an Oracle database might run quickly against a database, and why other code that ran quickly on Oracle takes orders of magnitude longer on, without some assistance.)Setting the value of SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE to a canada goose black friday sale value other than that of SORT_AREA_SIZE canada goose (or 0) may cause Oracle to spill the sort results to the temp canada goose clearance tablespace, even if Canada Goose sale the sort completed in memory, and this will not be reported as a sort to disk. (This flies somewhat counter to a recommendation of my favorite Oracle wait event book from 2001 which suggested that as SORT_AREA_SIZE is increased to allow sorts to complete in memory, that SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE should be decreased.)Extended coverage of 10053 trace file capturing and analysis. a few days before the book came out, realizing that I had introduced an error in the last pass of proof reading the galley pages.You will not find page after page of wide margin, 14 point font sized text interspersed between cartoon drawings in the book. You will not find wild assumptions in this book. You will not find untested scripts scattered through the pages. You will find, with a little bit of canada goose factory sale effort, the reason why the Oracle database instance did not behave as expected.In short, my opinion of canada goose coats the book has not changed since the first read through nearly three years ago. Oracle Fundamentals was, and still is, the most useful Oracle performance related book which I have found.When posting test case samples, it is canadian goose jacket much easier for people canada goose uk black friday to reproduce the test case when the SQLPlus line prefixes are not included if possible, please remove those line prefixes. This:Is easier to execute in a test case script than this:SQL> 2 3 FROM4 Greater than and Less than signs in code sections are often interpretted Canada Goose Coats On Sale as HTML formatting commands. Please replace these canada goose outlet characters in the code sections with the HTML equivalents for these characters:.

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